2010 Projects & New Music

Hello friends and Happy Holidays to all,

We’re now in the final week of 2009, the final week of the 00’s and that means the release of “12.30.99” and “12.31.99” are upon us and that’s all i’ll say about that.

Serial Port Experiments, the album produced entirely by Digital Fiend is done, we’re just doing some last minute tweaks to it to make sure it sounds awesome. In addition to the digital and compact disc formats, we’re planning on doing a limited release on signed MiniDiscs. A dated format but the vibe of the album fits a certain moment in time, a day of future past. It reminds me of the cyberpunk scene in the early 90’s, abrasive yet mellow.

I’m also wrapping up New District 4040, It really has this 41st century jazz feel to it, I’m not quite content with the vibe of a few tracks but i’m gonna plan on wrapping it up in January.

Melancholy Tales of Extraordinary Robot Avengers is going through a rework right now, I wasn’t digging the initial vibe so I went back and reworked tracks and since it’s the season for giving, here is “Dance of the Crystal Dragons.”


I’ve completed 7 songs now for Technicolor Crime Scenes, including this one produced by Nasa, “Worst Case Scenario.”


Different vibe in the 2 songs huh? I’m not one to get pigeonholed into a specific vibe or style, I react to the music in different ways. Some tracks might be light, others heavy but I always clearly define it as an Atari Blitzkrieg song.

Also, I’m going to start an online magazine for artists (musical and fine), poets, photographers, whatever. Art School Misfits, check for it soon.

Thanks for listening, reading and staying safe.