The Snakes’ll Eat Their Remix

Fresh from the Pro Tools session, we have Krohme’s remix of The Snakes’ll Eat Their Young, I guess the first single off of my 14th EP, AlphaBetaCaution. The original has been slightly modified with some slick conga playing, DC area residents will get a subtle Go-Go vibe from a few of the tracks on the new EP. Shifting gears musically but still remaining in DC, I have Mike McTernan from Damnation A.D. laying vocals on the album, he’s the frontman for the DC band, Damnation A.D., DC doesn’t have many metal legends but they’re one of them.

That’s it for now.


Atari Blitzkrieg – The Snakes’ll Eat Their Young (Krohme’s bLAckout Remix)