Atari Blitzkrieg x Digital Fiend – Serial Port Experiments 0 Point 5

A sampling from the collaborative effort between lyricist Atari Blitzkrieg & producer Digital Fiend that merges the cyberpunk and hip-hop cultures.


01. Disruptions of Service

02. The Beauty Revealed

03. Flawed Human Interactions

04. Sh0ck 2 the System

05. Resonate

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Download here: http://www.godsendant.com/atari_blitzkrieg-digital_fiend-spe-0_point_5.zip

All songs produced by Digital Fiend.

Guitar and lapsteel on Track 2 performed by Rich Schmitt.

Guitar on Track 4 performed by Matt Coller.

Rhythm guitar and bass on Track 5 performed by Hidekazu Seki. Solo by Matt Coller.