Morgan Freeman Redux

Today we have Morgan Freeman, the redux. For some of you, this was the track that got us acquainted, probably because it also features Wildchild & Breez Evahflowin. You’ll notice that I tend to do 1 or 2 posse cuts per release, I just like that vibe that it carries plus I think it’s always good to introduce additional vocals into an album to break it up at times.

Anyway, the original version of this track was on a single that I released on CD and vinyl in 2008, with cover art by my wife, who I’ll have do the art for the full album, Fantastic Saturday Celebrity Hour. I’ve reworked the production for all of the tracks with Krohme since I felt it didn’t quite fit the vibe that I was going for, the soul samples removed and replaced with differentness.

The full project is nearly finished, I let everyone hear Lucy Liu awhile back, Scarlett Johansson (sans movie samples) is slated to go into another film, so once I feel confident in the vibe, i’ll get it out.

Until then, enjoy Morgan Freeman.