The Refrain 2 Maintain

Near the end of 2006, I began work on what I had planned on being my first album, The Refrain 2 Maintain. The lead single, Rokkonorrottenhell was circulating and the b-side, The Forsaken 2.0 with Royce Da 5’9 and Krohme was doing even better. I began work on the material with a loose concept behind it that I was never able to pull together. I started work on some other projects and it fell by the wayside. I recently went back into the vaults and began reworking the songs, for some reason, I would only write a single verse and stop, so I’ve had to rewrite songs.

This is a ruff mix of a few of them, some you’ve heard, some you haven’t.


1. Rokkonorrottenhell feat. Groovie Mann
2. Therefrain2maintain
3. Terminating Spatial Invasion
4. Generic Motion Picture Love Theme
5. The Forsaken 2.0 feat. Royce Da 5’9 & Krohme
6. The Ritualistic Pursuit of Monetary Advancement
7. New Rose Wilts
8. MidnyteRun