1989 Remix

I actually knocked out this remix before the release of 12.31.99 but completely forgot about it until now. This track was sort of buried within the mix of guest appearances and production which can happen, eh, I forgot about it myself.

One of the more personal songs I’ve recorded, people tend to confuse the track title with the year I was born, those people obviously aren’t listening to the lyrics. While my age isn’t mentioned initially in the song, I was 9 in 1989 and yes we did live in our car for a couple of days.

With the remix itself, I didn’t want it to sound like 1989, I love homages to musical time periods but I wanted this to have a specific vibe, but if you listen closely you can hear subtle references.

Anyway, have a listen,


  • http://iamsubstance.com/bloog/members/djai/ Dj Ai

    Man!!!!!! The horns n everything, one of the best tracks. Supa Jazzy :)