#365Games4: Super Mario World – SNES

I was a late SNES bloomer, I was raised by a single mother and buying a new console was low on the priority list, so I had an NES around the time the SNES dropped. I remember walking through some department store and saw a crowd of kids around a display running a video of SMW. I stood there for like 10 minutes, I was impressed when I played Sonic for the first time but the familiarity of Mario combined with the impressive 16-bit graphics resulted in the best looking game I had seen in my young life.

Fast forward, I powered up the SNES and threw SMW in, even today the game is impressive. The graphics are bright and colorful and the controls are simple and responsive. I always wanted SMW to build on SMB3 with the crazy power-ups, the cape was cool and the addition of Yoshi was dope but it felt a bit shallow. I wanted SMW to really push the limits but I guess all of that would come later on.

I sort of went through the motions during the first few stages, you just remember where everything is after 15 years. It isn’t a deep game, it is what it is, a simple platform game that was the jump-off for the SNES and helped solidify one of the best consoles to date. Even with the Fallout’s and Call of Duty’s, this game still stands up just based on sheer gameplay and early 16-bit awesomeness.