parasite eve front

#365Games6: Parasite Eve – PSOne

Many years ago, I used to work on car modifications … installing stereos, body kits, springs, turbo kits, etc., to make some extra cash. This was around 2000 or so and car parts weren’t cheap, they also were difficult to track down so a lot of time was spent calling up shops and driving around picking up parts. Anyway, I had several LCD screens installed in my car and ran them into a newly purchased mini PSOne. I grabbed a bunch of games to throw in there, the big PS hits at the time but found myself taking the PSone out of my car after I drained my battery playing Parasite Eve.

I was a fan of Resident Evil and someone told me to check this game out because of the survival horror similarities and I was surprised at how good the game was. The game starts out with a CG cutscene that eliminates the surprise of facing a few bosses, lot’s of explosions and titles thrown around. It was a typical high quality intro that Square is known for. The game graphics are eh and the story drags down in spots, especially with the evil “mitochondria” talk, I think mitochondria is mentioned 745 times in this game …

What made this game really interesting was the action-RPG aspect, it was a Resident Evil/Silent Hill-ish survival horror game but you earned experience points and could use magic in battle with the Parasite Energy. With most RPG’s you use magic and it drains a total you have accumulated through the game, in PE, the magic system recharges, so each time you use it, you have to wait for it to fill up.

It’s a good way to kill a day and after you beat the game you can play the “EX game” that has you running around the Chrysler Building, taking out enemies and bosses over the span of 77 floors. I didn’t know this at the time but the game was based off of a novel and a movie was made from that. The movie is alright but it would have been nice to have it based on the game instead of the mitochondria heavy book. Mitochondria!!!

Oh yeah, I have the 3rd Birthday pre-ordered … Mitochondria!!!