#365Games8: Mortal Kombat – Sega CD

No other game will ever generate as much attention as Mortal Kombat. When it made its debut, you expected to wait a half an hour before you has a chance to play in the arcades. You bought the game and hid it from your parents … if you owned it on a console you would still stop into an arcade to play it. It was THE game to play. It started conversations on it’s own, if you hasn’t played Mortal Kombat you either didn’t like video games or you were stupid.

Controversy sells and this game proved it. Easily the most controversial game of all time, politicians claimed the game would turn us into mindless killers, hell-bent on sacrificing virgins, drinking blood and chanting satanic verses. Parents tried to ban kids from playing it, stores refused to carry it. Sure it was violent but it was so over the top it was comical.

I remember the Mortal Monday ad campaign, the commercials ran at least 30 times a day, ads in every video game magazine. Man, I was hyped to own a Genesis since it was the one that had blood. SNES had the better graphics but who cared? No one wanted to see sweat.

Anyway, powering up the Sega CD, the old Mortal Monday commercial starting playing it its pixelated, 512 color glory. The graphics aren’t arcade quality, they might be a slight step up from the Genesis but it could just be wishful thinking. The music is right off the CD so its clear and the sound effects are all there but man, the load times are killing me.

It takes about 7-8 seconds to load a fight, sometimes you get slight delays while fighting and the game pauses right before you can do a fatality, so you get this weird break in the action before you rip off someone’s head. I can only seem to remember Sub-Zero’s moves but they’re all there and the animations are smooth.

The lack of features kind of makes the CD version a waste, aside from the sound and the commercial that includes shots from the SNES game, you aren’t getting much here. Just save up and buy the actual arcade version. Mortal Kombat! How many of you are starting to sing the theme from the movie now?