#365Games13: Masters of the Universe: He-Man: Power of Grayskull – GBA

Like any male who grew up in the 80’s, I was a big He-Man fan. I had some of the action figures, watched the extended commercials that doubled as cartoons and wore the licensed garments. I never really understood what was up with Prince Adam but that’s a different topic for a different time.

They did a reboot of the series, its the cool thing to do these days, remake movies and shows that were popular 25 years ago, hoping that the parents would make their kids watch it for neo-nostalgic reasons. During this time, they released a game.

I picked this game up with a few others on eBay and since it was like 10 bucks for 4 games, I can’t complain … until I turned on the DS.

The game starts out with a muddy, static intro. You get the familiar, ” I have the power!” audio sample but the colors are drab and muted. The game itself is an isometric hack-and-slash adventure, similar to Diablo but with awful graphics. He-Man appears to be based on a CG model but with reduced quality, sort of like old Genesis games. The enemies appear to have been created the same way and the backgrounds are a set of boring pixels. You’re walking on this elevated surface with a bright yellow Hell all around you. Orko pops up when you collect items with an extremely simplistic drawing that might have been done by a programmers kid. It’s like 3 colors man,  its like they weren’t even trying. And c’mon man, passwords? Really? I’m not writing that down, next time throw a battery in there.

The music gets repetitive after awhile, except for the strangely out of place techno between each level. I turned down the volume after awhile and the sound effects are clear but it’s pretty much just generic action sound effects, the vocal effects are limited to He-Man going “ugh” when he gets hit or “I have the power,” at the end of the level.

All the levels pretty much look the same and all you do is collect things, hack up some bad guys and close the door they keep walking through, all while lumbering around the same drab, barren wastelands. The familiar cast of characters are present but the game is so ugly and boring, you really don’t care. Clearly, this game was a quick cash-in and its clear why this game was thrown into the lot I grabbed off eBay.

It sucks and it disgraces the name He-Man, well that and the pink wearing Prince Adam and the actual cartoon itself but hey, that’s another topic for another time.