#365Games20: Split Second – PSP

I downloaded the PS3 demo last year and was addicted to the game. It’s a racing game set within an over-the-top, explosive reality TV show. The first time that airplane crashes down and starts plowing right into is probably one of the craziest things I’ve ever seen in a game.

The PSP version takes the action and scales it down, the graphics are sharp and detailed but trying to control the car with the analog stick can be frustrating. The small screen enhances the need to be attentive since it isn’t as easy to see the traps your opponents set off. Power plays are still impressive, you accumulate points by drafting, drifting, jumping or avoiding crashes, once you build up a certain amount you can unleash a power play. These are usually explosions that take out the cars in front of you but if you perform a super power play then buildings crash and new routes are opened up via a massive explosion, adding to the replay value.

It’s a cool little racing game that can help you kill an hour or 2 while you sit in traffic, wishing that a helicopter would drop bombs on the car in front of you. I want da booommmmbbbbb!

Additional info for the PSP version:

The PlayStation Portable (PSP) version was released on November 17, 2010, with porting and development duties handled by Sumo Digital. The PSP version of the game features, among other changes, an extra track based on the “Docks” environment. The track (simply called “The Docks”) is a composite course that takes the drivers through areas from each of the three other Docks environment courses (Dry Docks, Ferry Wharf, and Port Bridge) in a single lap. The PSP version also adds new gameplay modes that offer variants on the core game (such as drifting around the training course to earn points). The PSP version also offers some changes to the game itself, such as revamped physics to make driving easier on the PSP. Subtle changes to track design, event rules, and car statistics were also made to the PSP version.

The PSP version supports ad-hoc multiplayer for up to four drivers.