#365Games21: Centipede – Atari 2600

It takes the simplicity of an Atari game to truly appreciate the importance of gameplay. No trophies, no achievements, no upgrades or boss battles, just some pixels, a joystick and 1 button.

An early shooter, you take out a centipede as it quickly moves across the screen, each successful hit turns the segment into a mushroom. Then you have to dodge a spider or some other insect thing. It’s a simple concept but scattered mushrooms make it difficult to get a clear shot and you’re constantly moving to take out the centipede and avoid the other enemies. The game is a precursor to all of the vertical-shooters that would follow, like 1941, 1942 & 1943.

One of these days i’ll invest in the actual arcade version since it really isn’t the same without the trackball but hey, it’s still fun to play if you’re looking for that throwback attack. Atari for the win!