#365Games24: Road Rash 3 – Genesis

I remember when a key part of video game marketing was how much “attitude” a game had. It could be about the 7-Up … uhm spot, but if he had ‘tude as they liked to call it, people would play it.

The Road Rash games always tried to promote that in ads, I mean hey, biker dudes with weapons, taking out other biker dudes sounds dope right? That’s pretty much all you need to know; you ride a motorcycle, you race other people, you hit people with weapons, you travel the land.

The game takes place in various “countries,” Brazil, Italy, U.K., it doesn’t matter, every single stage looks exactly the same, no landmarks just bland vegetation. Your character appears to be digitized, which is evident when you crash and get back on your bike. In addition to the other racers, you have to avoid cars, cops and homeless people standing in the road.

The music is an interesting variety and is a step above the usual Genesis soundtracks but the sound effects suck. I know what they’re supposed to sound like but they don’t. I’m going to have to look for the first 2 now …