Nights into Dreams (U) Front 1

#365Games25: Nights into Dreams – Saturn

This game had a lot of hype surrounding it when it dropped, amazing graphics and unique gameplay had people calling it one of the best games ever. I remember rolling into Funcoland and they had the game running so I tried it out. It was one of the best games I had ever seen but I had no idea what I was doing.

Even now, with the booklet in front of me I still have no idea what I’m supposed to be doing.I just sort of fly around collecting these blue chips, dump them into this gumball machine looking thing and get points for doing loops.

The story is this (via Wikipedia):  Every night, all human dreams are played out in Nightopia and Nightmare, the two parts of the dream world. In Nightopia, distinct aspects of dreamers’ personalities are represented by luminous colored spheres known as “Ideya”. However, the evil ruler of Nightmare, Wizeman the Wicked, is stealing this dream energy from sleeping visitors, in order to gather power to take control of Nightopia and eventually the real world. To achieve this, he creates numerous beings called “Nightmaren”. They are in all in different levels. Level one Nightmaren are two acrobatic jester-like, flight-capable beings called Nights and Reala. However, Nights rebels against Wizeman’s plans, and is punished by being imprisoned inside an Ideya palace, a gazebo-like container for dreamers’ Ideya.

One day, Elliot Edwards and Claris Sinclair, two children from the city of Twin Seeds, go through failures. Elliot likes to play basketball, but is challenged by kids from another grade and loses. Claris wants to sing in a play but is overcome by stage-fright in front of the judges. That night, they both suffer nightmares that replay the events. They escape into Nightopia and find that they both possess the rare Red Ideya of Courage, the only type Wizeman cannot steal. They release Nights, who tells them about dreams, and Wizeman and his plans, and the three begin a journey to stop Wizeman and restore peace to Nightopia.

The graphics are impressive and the gameplay is unique. This was the Saturn version of the original Sonic the Hedgehog, a bright and colorful adventure game that played like nothing else. It does feel like you’re floating around in a dream world and if it wasn’t timed, you could really just fly around and explore. The music is some of the best I’ve heard in a game, keeping that ethereal, dreamy vibe going. Too bad I have no idea what I’m doing.