#365Games26: Ristar – Genesis

This is one of those games I picked up at a yard sale with 438 other random Genesis games for like $3. A game I would have never purchased on its own after playing it I realize it wasn’t a bad pickup.

The story is this (via Wikipedia):  The game takes place in the seven-planet Valdi System (spelled “Vadji” on the back of the European box). An evil space pirate, Kaiser Greedy, has made the planets’ leaders obey him. The inhabitants of Planet Neer (Flora outside Japan) pray for a hero before Greedy’s mind control snatches them. The desperate prayers reach the nebula of the Star Goddess, Oruto. She awakens one of her children, Ristar, with the sole purpose of granting the wishes of the innocent people. He must stop Greedy and the brainwashed leaders of each world in the galaxy, to restore peace to the galaxy.

A decent opening cut-scene sets the tone for this game, vivid, pastel colors and above average music, with a charm that could only come from the Sonic Team. A side-scrolling platformer, you control this little star dude who extends his arms to grab and fling the bad guys.  The graphics are bright and colorful and the characters are animated well, the controls are tight and it’s simple enough for kids but can throw in challenges that can frustrate veteran gamers. Back to the graphics, this game does a few cool things with layers and lighting. In the always annoying water stages, the stage dims as you swim deeper, giving the game a mild sense of realism, I can’t remember too many 16-bit games that did anything like that, it’s pretty dope when it happens.

Check it out and you can be a star too. All of your wildest dreams will come true. You can fly like an eagle.