#365Games27: Costume Quest – PS3

So I’ve fallen behind a bit, 3 releases and a family will do that. I’ve actually been playing games just haven’t had time to write reviews.

Anyway, as much as I dig the PS3, the majority of the games aren’t kid-friendly, which means most of my game time comes during naps or after my kids are asleep. The challenge with the PS3 is finding games to play with my kids around and while they’re few and far between, they can be solid.

I grabbed the demo for Costume Quest last year and thought it was a pretty cool little RPG, it takes place during Halloween and you have to track down your sister after she’s kidnapped by monsters. My PS3 ylod’d and I didn’t get a chance to get back to it until recently when I purchased the full game. My concern with paying for PSN games is the gameplay time, most are fairly light on features and content so you spend +$10 on a game you play for a few hours.

Despite that, I bought the game anyway and it proved to be a hit with my kids and it held my attention until the end. Aided by a stylish art style and unique premise, your sister, dressed as a giant candy corn has been kidnapped by candy stealing monsters who have her confused with an actual piece of candy. You then begin your quest, knocking on doors to either receive candy or switch to a fight with a monster.

The battle scenes are Final Fantasy-esque and let you transform into a physical version of your costume. So if you have the robot costume, in battle you transform into a giant robot. The action is turn-based and after a few turns you can activate a special ability, either an attack, defense or healing power.

You level up as you defeat bad guys, gain currency through candy scattered about the land, buy battle stamps that enhance your skills and earn new costumes and teammates throughout the quest. You can obtain 2 more people to help you in your battle and as the levels progress, you’ll need them and minor strategies to beat bosses.

While Costume Quest is a great game and a unique RPG, you can get all of your trophies and beat the game and its add-on in a few hours. The trophies are so easy to obtain it doesn’t offer any real replay value, so once you beat it, you have no reason to go back. Grab a copy if you’re looking for a way to kill a few hours.