April 20th Sampler

Music made to vibe to, I’ve selected 3 songs off of upcoming projects for you to kick back and relax to on this fine Wednesday in April. Put it on your iPod, burn it onto a CD and just let it circulate within your cranium.

Oh yeah, to increase the insanity, you need to enter the Konami code to download the release. Use “enter” for “start.”

Hit me at atariblitz@gmail if you have problems or search within this post for the code.

1. The Wind feat. Walt Elson (Produced by Krohme) – Off of “The Moments That Unfold Before Me in Life.”
2. Now Eye Cee (Produced by DJ A.I.) – Off of “The Vect R. Man Chronicles”
3. What Became Uv My Sunshine (Produced by magOwl) – Off of “A Magnificent Blitzkrieg”


Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Enter