#365Games29: Angry Birds – PS3

Yeah, yeah, I know I’m way behind with these …

Anyway, I’ve never been a fan of mobile gaming, the on-screen controls for my phone make gaming awkward and unnatural and the “gaming” phones I’ve seen appear to have been designed for toddler hands, so because of that I’ve avoided it.

Recently I heard a lot of talk about Angry Birds and it’s addictive nature, you can overhear conversations about it while at work or pass by a store in the mall that has the characters on shirts. I’m not one for checking out a game, simply because it has morphed into a cultural phenomenon but once I saw it pop up in the Playstation store, I figured I’d check it out.

On my HD TV, the graphics are sub-par as it appears to be a low-res upscale and not a full on HD version of the game. It’s glitchy, I’ve had it freeze up a couple of times on me forcing a reset of the PS3, birds will shoot without a button press and it has delays while displaying the relatively simple graphics on-screen, usually when I hit a structure. Yet with all of these problems, I still keep playing the game.

The gameplay is addictive and simple … you launch birds and try to crush a bunch of green pigs. It’s simplifies the formula established in games like Scorched Earth and Worms. The birds you launch each have different abilities and the birds available to you increase throughout the rounds. The length of the game is worth the price alone as you’re given nearly 200 levels to play through and it never really seems to get boring. It’s challenging but with enough charm to keep you from throwing your controller into the TV in a fit of violent rage.

It’s a game built for mobile devices that translates to the consoles well because of the simple gameplay and old school sensibility. Sometimes we all need a break from excessively complicated next-gen games.