Ugly Video Game Cover #2: Mega Man

This is one of those covers you see in a magazine and think it’s an April Fools joke or something, I can’t imagine someone saw this artwork and said, “Dope! Let’s go with it!” Mega Man doesn’t even look like the Mega Man in the game, he’s standing in this weird, unnatural position situated in front of a quickly sketched out tropical, future world that appears to be experiencing riots.

Did the artist play the game before he did the cover art? Was it done before the game was finished? Was everyone so wrapped up in creating one of the most influential platform games of all time that they just didn’t pay attention to the first thing people would see when they walked into a store hoping to buy the newest NES game?

Fortunately for Mega Man, the gameplay, graphics and reviews made up for the poor cover art. I hope they fired the person responsible or at least grounded him for a week.