#365Games30: Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition – 3DS

How many Street Fighter games have dropped now? 50? 60? Anyway, I was always a SF fan when I was younger. I played it in the arcades, played all of the various iterations of it, man I even played the crappy original. I still remember when SF2 dropped and everyone just assumed the original SF was a Japan only release or something. SF2 will probably remain one of the most popular games of all time, SF2 and MK had an ongoing battle throughout the 90’s, some would say SF2 was the superior fighter, others will say MK. SF2 was a much more complex game that didn’t originate, but it pretty much introduced special moves and combos.

I can pull off most of the original SF2 moves now, it’s just one of those games that stays with you. Flash-forward to SSF43D, a stylized, feature-rich entry into the series. The graphics are impressive for a hand-held, you can see all of the crazy details they added to the fighters, all 35 of them. I’m not a fan of games that just load up the playable characters, MK went down that road and it turned into a mess since half of the guys are palette swaps anyway but SSF43D at least has some distinctions between characters that makes it worthwhile to check ’em all out. They also have Lite and Pro configurations that let you set up combos and special moves on the touchscreen, you tap a square and you automatically throw a hadouken. It’s kind of cheating but it makes the game much more accessible to casual gamers. The controls are smooth and responsive and I rarely had issues pulling off special moves.

3D, I haven’t mentioned the 3D part of this. If you haven’t checked out a 3DS, you should since it’s kind of crazy to see it live. The fighters pop up from the background and it adds another … dimension to the game. It’s cool but I actually find it a bit distracting. You always have to look at the screen at a certain angle or else it shifts and you get blurry double images, creating an awkward visual experience. Don’t get me wrong, it’s one of the coolest advancements in technology but it had it’s flaws and for me, I find it easier to play the game without 3D enabled.

The game features trophies, figurines and yeah, the classic bonus stages are back so you can destroy a car again. Slick graphics, strong gameplay and bonus features have created one of the best SF games to date, until they release Super Street Fighter IV 3D Turbo Ultra Edition.