So after a brief delay, my latest release Super, the SNES tribute EP is done and ready for pre-order. You may ask yourself, “why would I pre-order a digital release?” Well this time I’m dropping a physical copy on everyone, in 3D, with 3D glasses, autographed, with additional songs. 2 different versions of the release, the digi copy will have a song not on the CD and the CD will have 2 songs not on the digi.

The album features Rapper Pooh, Motion Man, John Robinson, Breez Evahflowin and Smigg Dirtee. With production by Krohme, Nameless, Jazz Spastiks, magOwl and Marink D. Cover art by Maxrock and Atari Blitzkrieg.

You can pre-order the album below and check out 2 songs off of the release. As with most of my projects, a portion of sales will go to benefit Bright Beginnings, Inc.

Click here to Pre-order Super