This Thing Called Love

Photo by Maria Grier

We recently lost a person with close ties to the Godsendant Music family. A mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a rapper, a producer, a human. I began conversing with SoUneik over 2 years ago when I was pulling together production for 12.31.99. She was unable to make the deadline and was so worried that I would never reach out to her again that she was almost giddy when I emailed her a few months later for a remix contest. Is was during this time that I began to find out more out her as a person and did my best to her guide her music and her career, at one point I even tried to help her find a job. A cynical person would assume I was doing this because she was a female, the irony is that I just assumed she was a dude (I didn’t know her real name until about 2 years later) and I was helping her out because that’s the type of person I am, I help out those who I feel need guidance. I wish I was able to provide more guidance but I only knew her on the surface and so my advice was typically music-related.

Anyway, this was one of her favorite Atari tracks. She always wanted to get on a song with me where we did a back and forth, me rhyming about love and her and her about, well something else. The track Hellbent was supposed to be that track but the production didn’t fit the vibe and it was a better showcase of her skills anyway. Who knew she rhymed? I didn’t.

Anyway, this track was originally supposed to go on Technicolor Crime Scenes but didn’t really fit, in fact I have no idea where it will end up but I’ve always been a fan of this song. My man Hidekazu added the additional guitars and Digital Fiend provided the drums, which is how she actually heard the song, through DF. So anyway, this song was never mastered or anything so I’m just pushing out the raw mix.

We’re going to do out best to honor her music and continue some of the dreams she had. She will be missed.

Atari Blitzkrieg - This Thing Called Love