Ugly Video Game Cover #4: Cowboy Kid

Uhmm … well I guess as long as Tom Selleck and Lou Diamond Phillips are happy then that’s what matters. Checking out the gameplay in the video below, it looked like it might have been an alright game but I doubt anyone made it past the cover and why was it called Cowboy Kid? Homie is like 35.

I wonder what guidance the cover artist received?

“Ok we have this awesome new Nintendo game we’re working on here it’s called ‘Cowboy Kid’ and instead of having a cute kid in a cowboy outfit we think you should draw a gay Cowboy and his Native American lover. Oh and make the Cowboy look like Tom Selleck. That’ll get the kids running to the stores! We’re gonna make mad loot son!”

Actually now that I look at the picture again, the Cowboy sort of looks like Kurt Russell in Tombstone. Awful.