Ugly Video Game Cover #6: Supreme Warrior

Burn ’em! Burn ’em all to hell!!! Fire!

Anyway, we have cover art here that was clearly designed by someone with some serious issues burning in their cranium. I mean hey you know what sells games? Fire. And not just your crappy logo on fire (which we do have here,) no we’re talking everything on fire. The temple, the creepy guys running out of the raging inferno, the rating, the price, the bar code, Ying Hueng, everything is on fire! Fire!!!

Why is the guy in the foreground transparent? Is he a ghost? Did he die in this horrible fire has taken over the cover of this game? There is text that mentions 2 hours of full motion video, do we get to watch these guys burn alive for 2 hours? This game is clearly a fighting game since it mentions the 2 CDs worth of opponents but how does this cover make it stand out against the Street Fighters and Mortal Kombats? Because the ghost guys are screaming while running out of a burning building? Maybe the Supreme Warrior torched these guys, maybe that’s the story here. The Supreme Warrior not only defeats his enemies, he burns them and the stage they’re fighting on. You don’t need to worry about repeating backgrounds in this game because the Supreme Warrior torched the temple stage with his supremely awesome power of fire! Whoa, maybe the Supreme Warrior is Satan! Man that explains everything, alright never mind.

Check out the game below. On fire!