Quantic Dreams’ Kara

I tend to gravitate towards indie video game publishers because they focus more on story and gameplay over hype and gimmick. When you aren’t forced to extend a brand or create the next franchise you have a lot more freedom to develop and innovate. Quantic Dream has been making games since the late 90’s but you probably only heard of them after Heavy Rain. I became familiar with their work after Indigo Prophecy was released in 2005 for the PS2, XBox and PC, track this game down if you haven’t already played it.

Anyway, they recently released this tech demo showcasing their new engine and performance capturing techniques. They are actually capturing both the movement and the audio at the same time for the motion cap actors which is probably a first for a video game. The demo itself is well-done, has a cool futuristic story and does an excellent job of putting Quantic Dreams’ skills on display. This really begins to shape the possibilities for next-gen technology and give us a preview of what we might expect.