Question: What’s Your Favorite RPG of All Time?

I’ve had a few video game conversations with people that have evolved into shouting matches, the best RPG ever is one of those conversations. In order to keep a sense of uhm, order, we’ll just focus on what you consider to be your favorite RPG of all time. I’m partial to the SNES classics like Chrono Trigger, Super Mario RPG, FFVI or of course, Earthbound but I want to know what everyone else thinks …

Oh and remember to save.

  • ostubash

    Final Fantasy 7.

  • Atari Blitzkrieg

    I might have to go with Earthbound. I dunno.

  • Mikado

    Final Fantasy VI

    • Atari Blitzkrieg

       FFVI was dope and one of the first RPGs I remember playing that created an immersive story to really pull you in. Plus it had this whole steampunk vibe going for it.

  • row1

    Vagrant Story on PSX was quite good.

    • Atari Blitzkrieg

       I never actually played Vagrant Story. I have it but never got a chance to crack it open.

  • Magnificent Owl

    I think FFVII for me.