Carlos’ Underground Skate Park: Early August Edition

So I’ve started working on a new project under the name “Carlos’ Underground Skate Park.” The plan is to create a release that blends hiphop with punk with funk with rock with whatever else you want to throw out there. In essence it’s a release that encompasses different styles but remains tied to the delivery of the lyrics, an approach I’ve also taken with the Vinyl Pimp Cobras.

I’ve always focused on creativity with my music but will admit that it has typically remained safely confined to the label of rap, one of the reasons why I’ve started to transition away from that. My musical background and interests haven’t always been reflected in the music I create and I think it has made me fairly one-dimensional over the years. I want people to listen to a song with an emcee rhyming and think, “wow, I didn’t know you could do that with rap!”

So what is C.U.S.P.? You’ll have to wait and see, I’m sure I’ll push something out soon. Maybe something Radical.