R.I.P. Cadence of Raw Produce


Last week I learned that Seth Boyd aka Cadence of the group Raw Produce passed away way too soon. I had the privilege of linking with Cadence on a number of occasions, he has either produced or dropped vocals on 5 of my songs and was one of those rare, down-to-earth guys who you felt comfortable with right from the beginning.

I would have convos with Seth that would quickly extend past music and into other realms; family, sports, video games, anything and although we never met in real-life, he was an intelligent, eloquent individual who passed along a wealth of knowledge through his words. Cadence wasn’t trying to make millions, he was trying to make good music. I mean here is a guy who has amassed an impressive discography and was sending me beats “just because.”

It’s a mentality that’s been lost these days and think most of that can be attributed to the person, their ego and their mindset. Like I said, I never met him off the internet but you could tell he was a humble individual who was always willing to put others before himself.

Think about his family, think about his music but most importantly, think about yourself and how you interact with others. What will people remember you as? What type of person will they say you were?

It was an honor to have met Cadence, to have been fortunate enough to work with him and to realize that superheroes do exist.

He will be missed.