The Greatest VG Cut Scenes Ever? Animal Soccer World

Foto+Animal+Soccer+World (1)After I posted the latest Ugly Video Game cover post: Legend of Camelot I decided to dig into the developer, Phoenix Games a bit and wow, treats await those who dig into the vast bowels of the video game underbelly.

Before we dig too far into the amazing animations you can salivate as you read this awesome description from the developer:

“The preparations for the most exciting happening of the year are well on there way. The biggest football match of all times is going to start.

FC Wild Dogs has been challenged by SV Lion Rocks. The coaches of both teams are still thinking about the final line-up. Today is the day, the match is going to start…. who will win?”

Filled with anticipation and excitment, I watched the videos on YouTube and was fully immersed in a world of top quality voice-acting, original character designs, Disney level animations and a soundtrack that should have been nominated for a Grammy. Maybe an award higher than a Grammy, a MegaGrammy.

Feast your eyes upon this my dear friends and let it change your life forever.