ToeJam & Earl 3 Beta for Dreamcast Resurrected

Even though Sega stopped production on the Dreamcast waaaayyyyyy back in 2001, it still remains a popular option among gamers thanks to it’s fairly strong catalog and unnaturally short lifespan. I was a Dreamcast supporter during its release and still break it out on occasion. The system had a visual memory unit (VMU) that sat in the controller and with it’s LCD screen could be used as a portable gaming device or to activate in-game features in select games. A concept you’re now seeing with the Wii U or the Xbox SmartGlass.

Anyway, ZakHooiTM, a user on the Assembler Games forums spent $1200 on a Dreamcast devkit on eBay, that kit contained a beta for ToeJam and Earl 3: Mission to Earth for the Dreamcast which he has made available on the Assembler Games site.


ToeJam and Earl popped up during the “attitude era” of gaming that was pretty much led by Sega. The exaggerated hiphop elements, satirical human caricatures and hip dialogue made it a popular Genesis game even though it was boring after awhile. But hey, the soundtrack was dope and I respect any game with aliens from the planet “Funkotron.”

Sooooo, dust off your Dreamcast or dust off your Dreamcast emulator and check out the game or if you prefer to stay on the legal side of gaming, just check out the gameplay vid below. ToeJam is a wiener.