Ex Nihilo

Cover for Atari Blitzkrieg's Ex Nihilo EP

Ex Nihilo is the first single off of my New District 4040 album, the album is set in Washington D.C., during the year 4040. In my head, it’s a decaying dystopian metropolis with heavily armed soldiers patrolling the streets and corporations controlling every aspect of the citizens life. I’m producing every song on the album except one I’m having Daedelus produce.

The full album, New District 4040 is slated for completion in November with a December release date, the album and the Ex Nihilo single will both have sales donated to Breast Cancer research, not simply because it’s the month for awareness but because every woman in my immediate family has been affected by it. I typically donate to Cancer research with my releases but this time it’s specific.

Enjoy the track below.