Atari 1.44

Good morning friends. I hope you enjoy the new temporary site before we launch the official Blitzkrieg 2700 Console. The console will be a variation of MS DOS and certain commands will unlock new features. One of the newest projects we’re going to launch is “Atari 1.44.” Initially the project was going to go on floppy disks but we would be limiting ourselves to fans who have floppy drives so instead, we’re releasing it through the mailing list.

Each package will feature a song, lyrics and something else that all fits in a .zip file smaller than 1.44 MB. The first song is done and ready to go out July 24th. So sign up for the mailing list and you can experience the low-tech glory that is Atari 1.44.

Swing by Extras to download the free EP’s, the PS3 theme and more.

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