#365Games10: Harvest Moon – DS

I’m a fan of building-simulation games, in fact I might have a copy of nearly every console version of  SimCity, maybe. Based on a recommendation by a friend, I grabbed a copy of the original Harvest Moon around ’97 or so, maybe it was because I had so many other dope games to play when I should have been doing schoolwork but I just didn’t get into the game.  I didn’t have the manual or internet and all of the intricacies of the game made it a bit confusing, so I didn’t feel like investing the time.

Anyway, I recently grabbed a copy for the DS thinking that the experience might be more enjoyable as a portable. This game is similar to all of the other HM games; you start out with an empty plot of land, you have some basic tools, a few seeds and you start growing crops, raising animals and eventually find a wife. The pixel graphics are sharp and colorful and the music isn’t bad but you’re sort of thrown right into the game, basic elements aren’t clearly explained in the manual or tutorials so you have to scour the internet.

Once you figure everything out, it’s pretty easy to get going and start building your farm up. You would think that watering your land, cutting weeds and picking crops would get boring after awhile but that really only takes up a small part of the day, the rest of the time is spent talking to people, working in the mines, find harvest sprites and trying to get the harvest goddess back. Mini-games like blackjack and poker are included as a way to increase your harvest sprite currency. These guys can help water, fish, chop wood and all but it can be expensive, especially early on in the game when money is slow to build and you start digging up necklaces in a mine that you can pawn off for some extra cash.

I’m surprised at how addictive this game is, it starts to drag you in and next thing you know, you’ve spent 2 hours trying to butter up a chick named “Muffy.”