#365Games3: Driver: Parallel Lines – XBOX

I picked up this game when it first came out based on a commercial I saw for it, shots of gameplay with David Bowie’s Suffragette City playing, plus I have a mild obsession with the 70’s so I had to pick up the game.

It’s sort of like GTA set in 1978, you steal cars, you shoot people, you complete missions, you drive on the sidewalk and run over as many people as you can until the police start to chase you. The soundtrack for this game is reason enough to buy it and at this point, you can probably get it on eBay for like $2 or something. I stopped doing missions after awhile and just went around stealing cars and listening to music, sort of what I do on a regular basis.

The story is lame and the guy you control sort of lumbers around like a hunchback, the only cool thing about the 70’s version of him is that I have a jacket just like that, I’m wearing it on the back of A Hand-Made Soul … so you can run and tell that, homeboy.