#365Games2: Phantasy Star Portable 2 – PSP

I’m a fan of handheld consoles because I have a difficulties focusing on one thing at a time. I’ll turn it to NBATV in the evening and since I want to play a game but still want to watch a game, I go to the handhelds …this time, the PSP.

I played the old Phantasy Star games on the Genesis many moons ago and grabbed this game based on familiarity. I don’t have a lot of RPG’s for the PSP, probably because I never play it that long and this time was no different. After an impressive opening CG scene, you’re given the ability to select from various classes and then customize the way you look from there, I can’t remember playing an RPG that was that deep. Usually you just type in your name and you’re some generic looking dude walking around eating mushrooms and fighting ogres.

You team up with some girl to go around these relics and fight alien creatures, the old school dialogue interactions were kind of awkward after all of the cool graphics, you talk to your new partner through text and static images that move slightly after you go the the next “page” of text, I wasn’t expecting it but it was a throwback to the old PS days.

I doubt i’ll get back into this later on, i’ll probably go back to the originals …