The New Silent Hill Can Be The Best Game Ever

So not only is a new Silent Hill game on the way but oh, the legend behind the Metal Gear series, Hideo Kojima is involved and oh, no big deal but Guillermo del Toro is also there as well. Not good enough? Maybe you hated Pacific Rim and instead decided to watch the Walking Dead. Ok, Norman Reedus is starring as the main character. Oh and it’s called, Silent Hills.


It’s Metal Gear x Hellboy (or Blade II) x Walking Dead x Silent Hill. Boom.

The game was sneakily revealed during Sony Gamescom as a new IP titled P.T. (Playable Teaser) by a fictional game studio, 7780s. That game looked pretty cool but during a playthrough of the demo, the ending revealed that this wasn’t P.T., no, this was a new Silent Hill!

Check out the reveal and actual gameplay below, the game looks amazing. The vibe is perfect and it already feels mad creepy. I’m calling it now, Classic Status.

Oh and download the demo on the PSN Store for PS4.