Gone Home has gone 16-Bit (kinda)

So developer Seth Macy has decided to take the award-winning, emotion-inducing, tear-jerking Gone Home and convert it into a top-down JRPG demake.

Gone Home is a three-dimensional adventure game in which the player character, Kaitlin Greenbriar, searches her new home to uncover details about her younger sister and her parents, all of whom are missing when Katie comes back from a year abroad. Players glean much of the story from the rooms they search and the items they find, including audio diaries left by Kaitlin’s sister, Samantha. (via Polygon)

The cool part about this is that the original developers, The Fullbright Company are cool with this guy demaking the game. You’ll often see fans working on something comparable only to get shutdown when they’re about to launch or have made a crazy amount of progress. We’ll see how this one turns out but so far it looks dopeness.

Gone Home 16-Bit