The Melancholy Sampler

The beginning of 2010 brought upon the ending of a distinct musical backdrop I’ve worked with for almost 15 years, a specific sound scape that relies on samples and drum loops to complete the package. While most of my best work was birthed from this approach, at times it’s restrictive and doesn’t offer the same flexibility keyboards and guitars provide.

This brings us into my latest album, The Melancholy Tales of Extraordinary Robot Avengers, a project I’ve been working on for about a year now, moving away from the samples and loops and dusting off the keyboards to craft the music behind the vocals. Nearly complete, it’s not really a new direction lyrically but the backdrops have let me be a bit more creative with the entire song.

This will also be the first album that includes lyrics, for the digi-version buyers, it’ll be a PDF but that doesn’t matter as I’m not planning any of that just yet. I’m wrapping it up, mastering the one track to go into the film and prepping The Hatred to Be to go out as a single. THTB was completed back in 2007 with Daniel Mongrain of Martyr on guitars but I went back in recently to redo the vox and the drums/bass as it was initially based on a track that used the NES Castlevania theme. Kinda strange.

As a child of the ’80’s, I wanted to pull in some of the sounds from that era into the music so you’ll hear the LinnDrum featured heavily on tracks (pawn shop special) an Oberheim OB-X and some other stuff.

Have a listen to the sampler and that’s it for now,