Scarlett Johansson/Hell-Razah Remix

Hello friends,

I’ve been away from the site for a few days completing projects and digging out from the massive snowstorm that bombarded the DC metro area. Snow can be a beautiful distraction but not when you receive more than 22 inches of it over the course of 24 hours. Anyway, to get things back on track, I’m introducing new music for the masses.

The first track is a rework of Scarlett Johansson which made it’s debut back in 2007 on the Morgan Freeman single/EP. I’ve scrapped the original production & wrote new verses but kept the original hook in place. I thought Shaun and Rebecca did a beautiful job with it.

The 2nd song is the remix to Hell-Razah’s Stir of Echoes track, the original is produced by Krohme and will be released on Razah’s upcoming mixtape. For those not familiar with his work, he is a member of Sunz of Man (an extension of the Wu-Tang family) has appeared with countless artists (including myself on the still unreleased “Cyclosarin” ) and is a highly underrated lyricist.

Also, Don’t forget to drop by and get the Outta Time and The Hatred to Be singles.

Enjoy the music friends, i’ll have another update tomorrow about SPE.


Atari Blitzkrieg – Scarlett Johansson. Additional vocals by Shaun Buswell & Rebecca Gibbons. Produced by Atari Blitzkrieg.



Hell-Razah – Stir of Echoes (Atari’s 6th Degree Remix) feat. Atari Blitzkrieg. Produced by Atari Blitzkrieg.