Random Atari Track Tuesday

Today it’s Knock Knock Bastard Face feat. Louis Logic & Roc C off of Kick, Punch, Fight, Rhyme.

This is easily one of my favorite songs off of my first full-length album. Louis and I had linked up in the past but didn’t really follow through with the initial track so it went in the trash heap, ah well. So while I was working on the album, I thought he would work well on this specific song. I found the sample on my Soylent Green soundtrack vinyl and just altered the pitch and did some EQ work to it, nothing major but it just has this funky vibe I had to use in some capacity. I got in touch with Roc C through a common Stones Throw ally and he fit right in on the 2nd verse. I deliberately only wanted 8 bars from both guys on this song, the music was constantly moving so I wanted to keep the vocals moving at that pace, just one right after another and then I close it out with a final 16. It is also a nice little sampling of Kick, Punch, Fight, Rhyme’s dusty, quirky production.