The Melancholy Art Contest ($$$)

Hello friends of me.

So I’ve had to shift gears and try to complete The Melancholy Tales of Extraordinary Robot Avengers album a bit sooner than expected. Mycotoxin is now being licensed for use in some skate video, I dunno, I wasn’t really paying attention this morning, so that’s cool.

Anyway, I was going to work on art for this but I figured I’d give other people a chance to shine and display their art skills for the world to see. As always, the release will pop up in stores, will have a CD version (so if you win you will get to design that too) and will also have a single released, so there is a chance you would be able to design that as well. We are also planning to do PS3 themes at the album launch so your artwork will be there as well. The winner gets $250 and a portfolio piece.

So I guess the specs … the final piece needs to be at least 2000px x 2000px and needs to work in “Atari Blitzkrieg” and the album title “The Melancholy Tales of Extraordinary Robot Avengers.” If you need my logo or anything else, as well as to send your submission, email me at atariblitz @ gmail dot com.

Deadline is 1.31.10. A few people asked about the typefaces used on the site here: Bifurk & Arsenale White.

And on an unrelated note, if you haven’t already, try to donate a few bucks to aid in the Haiti Relief Efforts, I’ve listed a few possible choices here: