As promised, here is the first of 2 releases to close out the decade, you may listen to it below but make sure you absorb it by Jan. 1st because the link will be eradicated at some time during the day.

Anyway, enjoy the album, I’ve put a lot of work into these projects and I hope it comes across in the material, I wanted to make sure the sound was just right for the time period I was delving back into. This was a time when I was making crappy demos with an SM-58, performing at open mic nights, rhyming in parks and trains, never thinking I would get to a point where people across the globe would be listening to my music.

Some may like it all, others might dig a song or 2 and some might hate the whole thing. Whatever you decide, I thank you for listening and hope you’re looking forward to a productive 2010 from Julius Jackson.

Atari Blitzkrieg - 12.30.99

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1. A Message From Spock
2. Ink Red
3. It’s Like That Feat. Krohme (Cuts by Chinch 33)
4. Two Six Double-Oh
5. Bloodpool
6. Aural Therapy (Enter Sandman)
7. The Ill Sword
8. Flies & Vermin
9. Life is Butter
10. Naw Man This Is It
11. Getchaminewrite
12. Fragment of Code
13. Wait a Minute Feat. Krohme
14. Moments in Time

Track 2 Produced by Jazz Spastiks
Tracks 3, 6, 7, 10 & 13 Produced by Krohme
Track 4 Produced by Cadence
Track 5 Produced by Moka Only
Track 8 Produced by Nick Wiz
Track 9 Produced by MackeralSalad
Track 11 Produced by DJ A.I.
Track 12 Produced by Blockhead
Track 14 Produced by Digital Fiend

Cover art by Atari Blitzkrieg