Ugly Video Game Cover #8: Action Force II

Ok so after a quick Google search I found out that this game apparently takes place in the world of G.I. Joe which explains the ripped off logo and reference to COBRA on the back. Why didn’t they just make it a G.I. Joe game? Ok, another Google search let’s me know that in Europe, old-school giant doll G.I. Joe was referred to as “Action Man” and “Action Force” was Hasbro’s way of introducing the 80’s toy line-up to a new audience. Makes sense now.

But what’s up with that cover art? Not only is it anatomically incorrect but it’s also poorly drawn as well and are we supposed to think that this generic jump-kicking Asian guy is going to defeat helicopters, tanks and scuba divers with assault rifles? Maybe he’s a giant? That’s gotta be it, I thought we were dealing with perspectives and planes and all that but I’m thinking too much, he’s really just a giant generic jump-kicking Asian guy. I’m totally buying this game now. It’s like Rampage with a giant generic jump-kicking Asian guy.

I’d rather play G.I. Joe, that would at least have a better cover.