NBA 2K14 really needed a Space Jam mod

NBA 2K14 modder MGX has either created the greatest mod for NBA 2K14 or the creepiest with his Space Jam mod. It basically looks like a bunch of humans in a costume wearing a giant head. Sort of like the end of the claymation scene in Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker when he walks off wearing the big bunny head.


For those unfamiliar with Space Jam, it is without a doubt the finest film to ever feature Michael Jordan, Bugs Bunny, Bill Murray and that Newman dude from Seinfeld. It has aliens (led by Danny DeVito) that steal basketball abilities from legends like Muggsy Bogues, Shawn Bradley and some other dudes which transforms them into giant, basketball-legend status beasts. Kind of weird because they were substantially better than the players they sucked the life out of which leads me to believe they probably had additional alien abilities that let them pass the ball and convert in the post. Anyway, fortunately for the Tune Squad, Jordan was retired at the time so he slipped under the aliens’ radar, giving Bugs an opening to recruit him to play ball against the Monstars. Unfortunately, all of the camera time and massive exposure for the greatest player of his generation didn’t give him any acting skills. Bill Murray needed more screen time.

Oh yeah before I forget, The Monstars had a theme song that featured B-Real, Method Man, Coolio, Busta Rhymes and LL Cool J. This might have also been the 760th film in the 90s to feature “Pump Up the Jam.”

Anyway, if you have NBA 2K14 for the PC and want to recreate Space Jam, grab it here: