Earthbound is Coming to Wii U!


One of the best RPGs of the 16-bit era and for some, the greatest RPG of all time, Earthbound (Mother 2) will finally arrive on Wii U’s Virtual Console later on this year. Nintendo made the announcement during their most recent Nintendo Direct presentation, along with news of ‘Link to the Past’ and ‘Yoshi’s Island’ sequels, dope.

A massive cult-classic and like most cult-classics it completely bombed when it was originally released. Earthbound was a praised by critics upon release but never really caught on with the North American crowd since it wound up selling only 140,000 copies. That’s it. I think that Bebe’s Kids sold more.

A refreshing break fromĀ traditionalĀ RPGs that is quirky, unique and moves away from the typical dungeons and “long-ago” setting and into a modern world for gamers to explore. Blending in pop-culture references, humor and a strange assortment of bad guys to fight, like Master Belch the big pile of vomit.

It’ll be interesting to see if the music is altered to bypass possible lawsuits, as a few songs seem to sample or interpolate Beatles music (

Time to buy a Wii U. Oh and check out my Super album that featured tracks sampling the Earthbound soundtrack.