#365Games15: Okage: Shadow King – PS2

I found this game buried in my pile of PS2 games I’ve purchased over the years and never played and with the recent demise of my PS3 (again), I dragged out a few old games to check out.

You play a boy who has his shadow possessed by an evil king named Stan, it might seem like you’d be getting into a horror RPG but the humor, art style and characters make it almost a game for children. Visually, the game borrows a lot from The Nightmare Before Christmas, the character designs, backgrounds, etc., it’s a different approach for an RPG but it all fits the quirkiness of the game.

Despite the unique story and visuals its still an RPG, so you spend a lot of time walking around, talking to people, fighting bad guys then going back and talking to the same people. As you level up, you learn new spells that make it easier to take down the Evil Kings, some of them can be a bit difficult until you build up your weapons and HP. The graphics are ok, they’re bright and colorful but chunky and repetitive at the same time, I think a game like this would work well as a throwback pixel-based RPG but eh, whatever.

It’s an original game, has a decent story and can keep non-hardcore RPG gamers entertained for a week or so, my kids love playing it, well they watch me play it but it holds their short attention spans for a bit.