#365Games5: Final Fantasy VI – SNES

Released as FFIII, it wasn’t really FFIII since FFIII had already been released in Japan but for those in the states it began the confusion that comes with unreleased Japanese games not being released in the States initially but later being re-released. Yeah.

I remember seeing the review for this in EGM and thought it was one of the coolest looking games ever, you had Final Fantasy, a steampunk setting, dudes running around in mechas, dope looking spells, dope soundtrack, moogles, magitek, mode 7, everything. I actually bought this game before I had an SNES and would go over to a friends house just so I could play it. Even now, it’s still one of the best RPG’s of all time, a deep story, multiple playable characters and some humor. I thought it was funny back when I was a teen but now it’s just kinda corny, I think I’ve just become cynical in my old age, regardless, it’s still nice to have those breaks in a fairly bleak game.

This felt like a mature game without the rating, I mean halfway through the game the world is destroyed and you’re left to walk around in the ruins. It set a standard for the SNES and began to open up storylines in other games that went beyond the stereotypes. One of the few games that non-RPG fans will become fans of, it’s one of the greatest of all time.