#365Games1: Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days – DS

So I’m beginning this 365 games in 365 days project, no real reason behind it other than I wanted to see if I could do it. As a husband and father of 2, my video game time is seriously limited these days so we’ll see, it should be interesting.

The first game i’m kicking this off with is Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, the fifth game in the Kingdom Hearts series. I played the first one when it came out years ago and thought it was a decent RPG and the mix of Disney characters increased the appeal. I dig RPG’s, but hate all of the pointless dialogue that they stick at the beginning. You can’t skip it though since you’re always quizzed on points later on, so I sat through the talking and slept through the tutorial missions. The controls were tight and the in-game graphics were so-so, you’re always distracted by the impressive Square Enix cut scenes and hope some of that would carry over. At this point, I’ve played this game for about an hour and finally hit the first mission, not sure why it loads every time you walk into a new area. I walk 15 feet and then we pause for a second or 2 to load the next area, stupid.

I’ll try to get back into this game at a later date and get to some of the Disney stages. We’ll see ..