Neber Pills Have Been Prescribed


Digital Fiend and I have finally wrapped up our Neber Pills EP. For those not familiar with the background on this project, Digi sent me a few old beats back in 2011 that he had ripped from cassette tapes. The quality was fairly lo-fi, some of the beats were slightly distorted and overall the sound wasn’t that great but the beats were dope and so I wrote some rhymes over it over the span of like 2 years. We grabbed the last third of VPC, Bionicheart to lay down some additional instruments and boom, EP done.

The title itself is open for interpretation and I’ll just leave it at that, I think our pill stance is evident on the track, “Laser Tag of Death” with the chorus that states, “music is our drug.” This is music made by guys who love to make music and just have fun with it. I’ve called it Sober Stoner music in the past, a hazy, dusty trip that lets you experience what exactly goes on inside my head on a regular basis.

In addition to the digi download, we also pressed up 50 limited edition clear 7″ square vinyl records for the fans. I love vinyl. I love my music on vinyl. I should do it more. often.

Buy the album here. Now. Do it: Amazon | iTunes | Bandcamp