Nards: Brought to you by Atari Blitzkrieg x MF Doom

Now that I have wrapped up Technicolor Crime Scenes for Uncommon Records, I planned on taking a break from music but yeah, that didn’t really work so I kept writing new material. Like most of the stuff I write after I announce a project, it doesn’t fit the vibe so I have to create a new one and so, Fear x Loathing at Midnite was born.

I have written and recorded about 5 songs for this and the song below, Nards was part of that batch. Hahaha, Nards. The MF Doom (or DOOM) beat was supposed to be a placeholder but it worked and fit the vibe so I kept it, for now.

I tend to mix in the brash, punchline-littered tracks throughout projects I develop even though most people know me for a specific style of rhyming. These specific tracks not only represent my lyrical foundation but also are a strong representation of my personality. I like to joke, I’m sarcastic and at times, a bit out there. I mean hey, look at my damn name, Atari Blitzkrieg, normal people don’t come up with Atari Blitzkrieg as a rap name.

So yeah, listen to the song, download it, enjoy it, hate it, go watch The Monster Squad. It’s all good.